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Getting started in Exitus is as simple as choosing the product level you wish to join at, starting at just $500, making it affordable for everyone. People wishing to make big money quickly can start at one of our higher levels, ranging from $1,000 – $7,500. But here’s the really great thing - no matter which level you choose to begin at, our excellent systems and guidelines will get you to your personal goals in no time at all.

Take your time looking around this website. Be sure to understand everything it has to offer you. It does not matter what your age is – we have 18-year-olds and 82-year-olds doing as well as 30-year-olds! Don’t worry about your past experience either – as long as you have desires for financial success, we have the solutions for you.


The fact is that most people looking for an online business opportunity are doing so for the money. For this reason, Exitus uses the most powerful pay plan for its members. AND you get paid FAST and receive your money any way you choose. With four different income streams in the pay plan, much of your income is completely passive.


Our product library is comprehensive and varied. You can download all our videos and audios to watch or listen to whenever and wherever you like. These products educate and teach you new skills that you can apply to any business. We also consider your health and wellness crucial for a successful life; you will absolutely love our health education audios.


Exitus has many features in place that help you succeed in record time. For example, Exitus Auto Ad generates a continuous stream of hot prospects for you. The Exitus Automated System automates 80%-90% of your business, instantaneously. Finally, Exitus Auto Pilot closes your sales and puts money in your bank account fast!

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What They Say About Exitus

As a retired college professor, in Psychology, I looked at numerous online business opportunities for making money but none of them ever quite hit the mark for my professional standards. Then I found Exitus and all that changed, dramatically- the professionalism and expertise are unmatched! And YES, I love the money, significantly better than anything I ever made as a professor. Making unlimited profits is downright fun! Last, just as I always loved helping students learn and get their A’s by following simple, concrete steps, I now love helping people acquire wealth and independence in the same way. Life is good! Thank you, EXITUS!
John McManus, Ph.D., Palm City, Florida
I have been working on the web for 17 years, and Exitus is the single best business I have ever seen. I brought in over $20,000 my first month, and the money just keeps coming in.

I don’t know of any other business where you can make this much money this quickly, the Exitus tools make it so easy for everybody.
Michelle W,  Toronto,  Canada
After a long, successful career in sales, I finally retired.  Now I work entirely from the comfort of home, online.  Until finding Exitus, I had been in search of a good opportunity where I could easily make lots of money.  Exitus is virtually a turnkey system that runs itself.  My wife, Sue and I love to travel and see the world. What's really great is, because of modern technology, we can take our Exitus business with us, wherever we go.  For us, it's not so much the HOW in reaching our financial goals as it is the WHY.  Hope to see you on some faraway, beautiful island paradise!
 Richard and Sue Gnetz, Eagan, MN, 
I am recently retired from IBM, where I spent 35 years as a Project Manager, overseeing the development of large, state-of-the art technology projects. So it’s easy to understand why the remarkable technology of the EXITUS program is the first thing that caught my attention. It matches the highest quality of anything I ever worked on at IBM and allows the program to run seamlessly. Because of this, just about anyone, regardless of their education or experience, can be successful in radically increasing their bank account. I’m ecstatic to be here! Great Pay Plan! Outstanding Products! Exceptional Resources! Wonderful Admin!
Jim Delabo, Brewster, NY
I’m an Accountant for a large corporation and with my wife and 3 kids, I’m a very busy person. With their automated systems doing most of the work for me, EXITUS perfectly accommodates my busy lifestyle and, at the same time, gives me the extra money I need to secure my children’s future. It’s like a perfect online franchise where I can work a couple hours a few days a week and make great profits from the four different income streams. Awesome!
Scott Bieniasz, Chicago, IL
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